Universal Genetics Launched a New Website

Our new website has been launched for a couple of weeks, and you’ll find a lot of new features and contents added to this site.

After careful planning, we updated the structure and content of www.universalgenetics.com (www.dnatestingforpaternity.com), adding features such as the instant chatting tool to offer online service support, our clients’ testimonials to share their experience with us, the DNA testing blog to let our lab staff and clients talk about anything interesting about DNA, the FAQ section to answer questions our new visitors may have, and the business partners section to expand our service network for our clients all over the world.

We are also proud to offer a few new sites in other languages such as Spanish (www.dnatestingforpaternity.com/spanish), Chinese (www.dnatestingforpaternity.com/china), and Vietnamese (www.dnatestingforpaternity.com/vietnamese). Our clients whose native tongues are those languages now have easy access to the critical information they need on our sites.

The chatting tool also offers instant support to whoever has a question to ask while surfing our websites. We have service representatives speaking different languages ready for you to consult when you need.

The improved corporate website is also very simple to navigate through. Most pages are within reach in one or two clicks. The homepage provides entries for the most critical information any DNA testing client needs to know. Based on our experience with demand, we also featured some of our most popular services on the homepage, which include the legal DNA testing service, the immigration DNA testing service, and the prenatal DNA testing service.

When you have questions or are ready to order our services, you can easily use our contact or order forms to get in touch with us.

We hope our website users and clients find this new website helpful and informative, and the surfing experience easy and pleasant. If you have any suggestions and comments, please send it to info@universalgenetics.com.

Happy surfing!


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